Your business, our commitment.

Marcon & Rubens is a Belgian law firm based in Antwerp.

Since its establishment in 1996, the firm has focused in a general sense on international logistics and trade, whilst mainly specialising in maritime, transport and associated insurance law. Over the years, the range of legal services provided by the firm gradually expanded to include a wider scope of business law.

The firm currently serves companies and their stakeholders with a wide range of legal services, whilst especially albeit not exclusively focusing on companies operating in the areas of international trade, logistics, all modes of transport as well as insurance companies and insurance intermediaries operating in these markets.

Marcon & Rubens advises clients in strategic as well as operational matters and provides assistance in dispute resolution and dispute control.

Marcon & Rubens’ international field of operations has led the firm to work closely with foreign correspondents. As an independent law firm, Marcon & Rubens can rely on a network of foreign law firms whose services can be asked for in consultation with the client.

Marcon & Rubens is committed to building sustainable relationships based on mutual trust with its clients. The integrated law firm structure and its pursuance of a constructive collaboration with the client through unambiguous communication and the efficient handling of legal cases, are the bedrock of the law firm’s success.